How to Improve Your Attic Ventilation

Good attic ventilation is both a financial and health boon to any home or commercial premises. It will help you in lowering your energy bills, reduce the deterioration in the structural integrity of the building sections such as shingles and reduce the phenomenon of ice damming during the winter. Because installing roofing or vents in your home is a relatively easy and low cost process, there is really no excuse for not having the best attic ventilation in Roswell GA.

Installing the best attic ventilation in Roswell, GA, will save you from the need to carry costly future repairs in your home. It ensures the longevity of various sectors in your home. If you already have some form of ventilation installed in your home and you feel like your home is not adequately ventilated, then there might be a need to make certain improvements in your attic ventilation by installing more vents in your attic.

Does Your Attic Ventilation Warrant an Upgrade?

Before you hire a contractor to install the best attic ventilation in Roswell, GA, it is important to evaluate the condition and efficacy of your current ventilation installation. For example, are you experiencing excessive heat during the summer? Are you seeing more effects of condensation and ice damming during the winter? These are some of the conditions that proper ventilation is supposed to eliminate so if you are seeing more of these during the summer and winter, then your ventilation could do with a proper upgrade. The best attic ventilation in Roswell, GA, will allow both heat and moisture to escape from the building. Your attic air will remain dry and the effects of ice dams will have been significantly reduced.

There are several other characteristics that you should look out for in order to ensure that your attic is properly ventilated. These include the following:

  •  Inspect the roof and eaves and check if there are any vents installed in place.
  • On a hot sunny day in the summer, reach out and touch your ceiling. If the ceiling is hot, then this might be a sign of poor ventilation and it will raise the cost of cooling your home to comfortable levels.
  • During the winter, inspect your eaves to determine if there are thick ridges of ice in there. This too, is a sign of poor ventilation in the building.
  •  Inspect the attic with a spotlight during the winter for signs of condensation in the form of frost or moisture.

If you see any of these problems during the inspection of your attic, then it might be time for you to install better ventilation in the home. Hire a professional and reliable attic ventilation installation contractor in Georgia to install the best attic ventilation in your home.

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