Tips for Selecting a Calendar Printer

If there is an advertising medium that lasts for a whole year, it is a customized calendar. Besides, calendars are used across the board from start-up ventures to mainstream organizations. By considering customized calendar printing, you can tap on the marketing energy that lies beneath this medium.

However, with all the printers in the market, how will you choose the right provider? Remember, the quality of your custom calendar will have an influence on your brand. A bad quality will definitely kill your brand while a superior quality will make it shine. For that reason, you need to choose a reliable company for calendar printing. Here is how:

Check comments from previous customers

With the presence of social media platforms, you can easily track what previous customers say about a company or business. When shopping for a reliable printer, get online and visit their websites and social communities such as Facebook or Twitter.

Better still, you can get word-of-mouth comments from their previous customers. Combined, these sources can provide information enough to help you make the right decision.

Avoid fake testimonials on company websites

Truth be told, no company would allow a negative post on its web page. Most of the comments or testimonials are in favor of the company. Therefore, they cannot give you a true reflection of the company. Instead, you can find relevant information from websites for company reviews and complaints sites such as Better Business Bureau.

Confirm about free delivery

 Some companies offer free delivery once the printing is complete. Others don’t. You should find out from your supplier before you sign the contract. If they provide the service at a cost, you can negotiate and if they don’t provide free delivery you can consider engaging the next available supplier.

Give quality the first priority

Many consumers fall for lower charges at the expense of quality. However, this can cost you dearly in the end. A poor quality will simply ruin your brand, which can result in loss of business. It is advisable to pay a little more and get a prime quality than paying a little less and kill your brand. To be sure of the quality to expect, you can check previous samples of work from the same provider.

Consider quantity discount

A good company will give you a reasonable quantity discount for bulk purchase. You need to confirm this and even compare the size of the discount from various providers. In addition, it is advisable to see a sample of the final printout of the calendar.

This is important as some companies give clients different products from what they show them. A reliable provider should involve you as the customer from design stage to completion. This ensures that you get what you actually want.

Get the contract in writing

To make your life easy, insist on signing a written contract. This will come handy for any possible future reference. It also prevents the provider from making any amendments on the document without your consent. The contract should give details about pricing, mode of payment, and delivery date.

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