What makes magento the best ecommerce platform

Magento has a market share of 29.8% among the 30 most popular ecommerce platforms despite being only around since 2008 with over 200000 online retailers making use of it. The users include both small startups and giant enterprises. Magento is a popular name among ecommerce specialists Leicester market has today who are turning to it as it allows them to customize ecommerce stores for their clients and offers a large number of differing functions as well.


Some of the things that the ecommerce platform provides include transactions solutions, e-marketing tools like SEO optimizations, and stock management tools among other things. Even better is that the software can be utilized by both large scale and small scale enterprises alike. Below are some of the distinctive advantages that make magento the most favorable ecommerce platform amongst ecommerce sites.

First of all it’s free of charge

Being an open resource, ecommerce specialists Leicester market has today can utilize magento absolutely free of charge and enjoy the open source technologies and programming languages that the free platform presents. Also magento as an open source means that it’s more flexible for a magento website design company to utilize and is also easy to access as well in terms of cost. Besides this, it offers better security as well for its users.


As mentioned, out of the 30 other popular ecommerce platforms, magento stands out the most with 29.8%. You can easily find a Magento website design agency in Leicester as well as a myriad of users making use of the platform, meaning you will never lack a person to show you  how to go about. Additionally, magento has a huge number of developers that make it an easy to find a solution to magento where the need be.

Mobile friendly configuration

For any digital marketing agency Leicestershire has, smartphones and m-commerce should be at the top of priorities in terms of reaching out to clients. They, therefore, have to choose a mobile friendly platform to reach out to clients. Magento is the best platform when it comes to mobile friendliness as the mobile apps allow integration across multiple devices to work properly on smartphones and tablets as well. See more at Leicester Website Design


The giant store of extensions is another major advantage of using the magento platform. This means that the users can easily expand and differentiate their websites from other competitors by making use of the different extensions. Besides the market for magento extension is really growing, which means users have many choices of versions for each extension with reasonable prices integrated perfectly with their store.

Multiple users

There is no other ecommerce platform that allows running of multiple storefronts from single backend system like a magento system. This makes it stand out from its competitors. Therefore, if you have multiple stores for multiple brands and are still looking forward to maintaining a harmonized backend system, then magento is the best option for you.

For any business or user that’s looking forward to getting a great ecommerce site, then you will need to employ ecommerce specialists Leicester has to do the job for you. For more details, just visit HTTP://WWW.LEICESTERWEBSITEDESIGN.COM/WEBDESIGN.HTML.

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